Chapter 5 –Traditions

Celebrating Life Together…

“Traditions make connections within the family and between generations, creating feelings of closeness and a sense of identity.”

What memorable traditions would you like to share for your family?


4 thoughts on “Chapter 5 –Traditions

  1. We began the tradition of giving a Christmas ornament to each child in their shoe on the feast of St. Nicholas (Dec.6) with a piece of candy. When each married they took all those yearly ornaments with them to their new life!

  2. Mary: Someone just asked my niece about an old family tradition of our family. Of course, we start the Christmas season with an Advent calendar (the chocolate version is much appreciated by our grandchildren) but we make a special day to talk about St. Nicholas on December 6 with little shoes being put out for a small gift from this generous bishop-saint who is the model for Santa Claus.

  3. As I was checking my table linens to use on Christmas day, I pulled out the homemade napkin rings we have been using for over 20 years. Holding these in my hands, memories took me back to when my children were 5 to 10 years of age. I had purchased a package of small (about 2″)grapevine wreaths, not knowing what I’d do with them. As Christmas approached that year, I was inspired to use them as napkin rings. With my children’s help, we hot-glued tiny ribbon roses and bows on each and slipped a folded napkin through. The little red roses and green bows on the wreaths continue to lend Christmas cheer to our table each year.

  4. The beauty of long held and cherished traditions is that the tradition focused events almost run themselves. Christmas this year was wild with all 17 of us in one house together sharing meals, bathrooms, bedrooms and general space. I was under the weather for most of the time but struggling mightily to stick with the program, and join in the fun. Our adult children jumped to my aid and the chaos I was so worried about never materialized. They took it upon themselves to keep everything running smoothly. What a beautiful family celebration we experienced together even though I had to trust that the young ones could get the job done.