Publication praises “Mothering, An Art of the Heart”

“Mothering, An Art of the Heart” is the featured article in the Our Lady of Mercy Alumnae News!¬†¬†Mentioned in the article are the authors and the daughters of authors who have graduated from Our Lady of Mercy High School, Rochester, NY.¬† “I can’t think of a better example of how an all-girl high school education creates bright, clever, collabortive, strong, independent women, than the experience of writing this book,” said JoAnn Figueiredo, class of ’71 and editor.

One thought on “Publication praises “Mothering, An Art of the Heart”

  1. On the eve of St. Nicholas day our family put out their shoes for St. Nick to fill so that on the morning of Dec. 6th there were special ‘goodies” in them… socks, candy, books, little things that would remind them of the love we share as a family.

    This year, I was missing the beautiful tradition since our children are grown and living in other places. So, I prayed for each of them and sent this email:

    “It is St Nicholas Day!
    I am sending prayers to your shoes today. Prayers that turn to grace so that the steps you make will be graced and take you to do things that are extra-ordinarily filled with love, with the help of God’s grace.
    You are loved beyond measure.”